They voted against Palestine

Palestine’s friends rejoice in the overwhelming victory at the UN General Assembly on Thursday, 29.11.2012 when the 138 UN member states voted to give Palestine observer status at the UN. 41 countries abstained, while nine countries voted against.

Nine rings for mortal men…

Source: Wikipedia 2012

Source: Wikipedia 2012

Who were these nine?

The United States and Israel voted against, which was not exactly a bomb, to use a terminology the two countries understand well. But the four in the middle, ie Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru and Palau, who are they? There are island nations in the Pacific and together they have fewer residents than the city of Bergen in Norway. But otherwise?

Marshall Islands: The country has a GDP of $ 115 million a year, of which 57.7 million paid by the United States. Currency: U.S. dollar.

Micronesia: The country has a GDP of $ 341 million a year, of which 90 million is paid by the U.S.. Currency: U.S. dollar.

Nauru: Nauru once had the world’s highest GDP per capita. That was when the country was a single phosphate mine. Now the mines have been exhausted and the country has a GDP of $ 36.9 million a year. A significant part of the economy is funded by Australia in exchange for that country accept asylum seekers expelled from Australia. Currency: AUS dollar.

Palau: The country has a GDP of $ 164 million a year, of which 155.8 million paid by the United States. Currency: U.S. dollar.

With the exception of Nauru, the phosphate mine turned asylum, these are countries that do not have a choice. Their UN votes are pre-paid.

What about Panama?

The country’s economy is completely integrated in the dollar economy. The currency is called the Balboa, but one balboa = one U.S. dollar. 80% of the economy is service industries, mostly related to the Panama Canal. It is not stretching it one bit to say that this is a country that does not have a choice.

So if we exclude those countries that do not have any choice; the entire diplomatic catch of the United States and Israel consist of two countries: Canada and the Czech Republic. What a feat! And it must be added that on the list of high-income countries that receive financial support from the U.S., Canada and the Czech Republic are third and fourth after Israel and Poland.

It must be allowed to gloat a little bit? Closer to a total diplomatic failure is it hard to get.

«One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.»

But it seems that Sauron has lost some of his powers lately…

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    • psteigan sier:

      Sorry to say, I think we haven’t seen the worst of it yet. We are in for some really tough times. I have tried to explain the how’s and why’s in my book The Collapse, which I hope to publish in English.

  2. mana sier:

    What ‘s exactly haening to the world? to the humanity?

    • psteigan sier:

      I am sorry to say that I don’t think we have seen the worst of it yet. I explain why in my book The Collapse, which I hope to publish in English.

  3. Thanks for this information, it really improves my understanding of why these nine didn’t vote in favour.

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